About Our History

About Food Planet

Welcome to the Food Planet

We at Food Planet believe that Good food is the best way to enjoy good times, good moments and of course great celebrations. Food planet, a pioneer food retail chain in India promises to add good times to your life.

We make sure that you enjoy every bite that you have at any of our branches. Our well trained staff uses the best ingredients in the most hygienic conditions and not to forget that we use only packaged drinking to prepare healthy and tasty food for true patrons of food like YOU.

Since we Indians are food lovers and love to celebrate diversity in food, Food Planet offers a variety of things to eat. From multi-flavoured chaats to the most crispy and delicious Frank Rolls (Franky) …here we bring every food lover’s their favourite dishes.

We serve every foodie’s delight- a huge variety of pav bhaji, chaats, pizzas, south Indian dishes, north Indian food, Veg & Grilled Sandwiches. If you want some lip smacking snacks we have the best and authentic wada pav, fresh Juices, dabeli, Veg & Non-Veg Rolls and Ice Creams for you. We also present some all time favorites like candy floss, Popcorn, Sweet Corns, ice golas, fries and much more.

“We have been able to carve out a special place as a reliable food retail industry in every customer’s heart, as we at Food Planet serve mouth watering & healthy food at the best price. We have been welcomed by people all over India and are expanding rapidly.

"Enjoy our Foodie Fundas Between Anything in a Warm N Fuzzy environment deserted with a Masti Bhari Chuski".

Our History

Food Planet Private Limited

“Food Planet Private Limited” was formerly known as ‘Shreefal Enterprises’. It was a partnership firm that came into existence in the year 2006. The partnership firm was converted into a Private Limited Company, by the partners taking over as directors of the Company.

Over the years our delicious dishes have became popular with people far & wide. The growing customer base and increase in demand for Food Planet’s various food & snack savories have motivated us to expand.

We have preserved the tradition of Chaat preparation by preparing each dish using fresh ingredients - On Order. We have proudly served fresh, traditional dishes over the years and refuse to compromise on quality. Our dedication over the years towards using fresh produce chopped daily, fresh dough kneaded every morning and our quality makes you enjoy our dishes the way it should be – FRESH.

Our logo is a symbolic representation of the overall mission of Food Planet -“We would like to serve YOU – Our Customers with the best of the dishes from all over the planet coupled with the added flavor of the magical touch of Food Planet.” Out Logo says it all - We bring fresh, wholesome and hygienic food from all over the planet coupled with highly professional service. Like our logo which is a simple visual, we keep things simple to make the food delicious and healthy!

Every Bite Has a Story at Food Planet

Whether it’s a Frank Roll or a Chaat or Popcorns, your conscious food choices make a world difference. Let’s retake your plates. Let us serve you the most delicious food so that you can tell a story of every YUMMY bite to your friend.

Enjoy the Tastiest Food - One Delicious Taste at a Time “We are dedicated to serve some of the most chutter putter foods Popcorn, Sweet Corn, Chaat, Frank rolls, Pav Bhaaji, Dosas, Uttappas, Sandwiches, Pizzas, Juices and many more delicious dishes."

“Food Planet features a combination of Chaat (Indian savoury street food), frank rolls and other South Indian & Chinese dishes served in a casual, easy & affordable setting that are sure to please your taste buds and bring you back for more. Our recipes have evolved over the ages and have been carefully selected for Food Planet."

A Taste Which Last Forever….

To maintain high quality, you have to have high standards and ours are the highest in the industry. We evaluate quality in terms of nutrition, freshness, appearance, taste and hygiene.

  • We are passionate about sharing the pleasure of relishing every bite of delicious and healthy food - with YOU.
  • We are committed to foods that are fresh, wholesome and safe to eat.
  • We provide food and nutritional products that support health & well being.

We invite you to walk the “street” of the Food Planet in your nearest locality to enjoy the most delicious and spicy food.