Candy Floss

Tasty and luscious treat to soothe your food connoisseur

Are you taken down the memory lane on hearing the name candy floss and the picture of enjoying this tasty and irresistible stuff appears in front of you? Well, then the warm n fuzzy candy floss of Food Planet guarantees you the same experience; as it leaves no stone unturned in exploring out the small kid in you. Our soft, easily melting and fluffy ‘cotton candy’ is all set to mesmerize you with its incredible flavours and recreate the same magic as your former childhood days.

There is no age-limit nor any time-constrain for enjoying this delicacy in our FOOD PLANET; as kids, adults, older individuals, family, friends and relatives all can come under a single roof and enjoy the delicious and tasty candy floss with their loved ones. The wide range of exclusive Candy Floss flavours available with us will surely drive your senses to our Food Planet Court, the next time you pass by.

  • strawberry
  • mango
  • kala khatta
  • kerry
  • orange
  • butterscotch
  • rose