Corn Station

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Our innovative “snack lines” ranging from indulgent to health are made with superior ingredients, processes and care.

“One of the most important reason to love popcorn! It’s Heart-Healthy Snack.”

The heart-healthy popcorn and sweet corn is low on calorie and high on fiber food preferred “Between anything.”

Our pop artists prepare the high quality popcorn in ten flavours ranging from plain popcorn to rich caramel to tangy cheesed popcorn.

Sweet corn is served in five delicious flavours ranging from plain to Mexican Masala. Latest addition of healthy corn salads is now a craze of our patrons.

As the name suggest, at Corn Station, you'll find every flavor of popcorn you can imagine and fresh & healthy sweet corn in various tastes & flavors. Corn Station is dedicated to serve the most delicious, tongue-tingling, mouth-watering popcorn, popcorn confections & sweet corn in the world.

At Corn Station, you will get 16 different popcorn flavors of highest quality plain and flavored popcorn to choose from including rich caramel popcorn and tangy cheese popcorn along with 5 flavors of American Sweet Corn.

Feel the Difference of Popcorns at Corn Station

Many popcorn companies mass produce their product with no human interaction & through a continual flow process of popping, coating, sifting and cooling. We being one of the leading popcorn manufacturers, we perform each step separately by hand, in small batches under hygienic circumstances to make the very best popcorn. We believe to make the very best popcorn is more art than science and carefully trained people must be a part of it. Therefore at Corn Station we call our trained people as our "Pop Artists". While eating various varieties of popcorns at Corn Station one can feel the difference between a chef cooking your food and a machine cooking it.

Our popcorn is hot-air popped full and fluffy at precision-controlled temperatures by the "Pop Artists."

Our fabulous popcorn is guaranteed to make an impression and "WOW" experience for popcorn lovers.