Candy Floss

Food Planet - Candy Floss - Warm N Fuzzy

Kids just can’t stay away from the warm-n-fuzzy, melting-in-mouth candy floss.

With seven flavours, including mango and kala khatta. Irresistible for the grown-ups too.. Right?

What’s more; Food Planet serves the candy floss the way it should be warm, fuzzy, and hygienic.

FOOD PLANET brings to you the most traditional sweet in a healthy and hygienic way. Wondering what is the food we are talking about? Well, then do guess what is the name of this sweet, tasty and kid-loving food with the help of some clues......... A food, which will melt as soon as it is consumed; or let’s say – “Yummy” is the word that comes to people’s mind on hearing it. Yes, you guessed it right........ CANDY FLOSS

As a kid everyone has a passion for CANDY FLOSS. This sugary, colourful and tasty food confectionary that might have been every child’s delight in their earlier days can be enjoyed at the only branded and authentic warm and fuzzy store of Food Planet. You can lick on this tasty stuff at any time of the year with your entire family including your parents, kids, friends and relatives and sail through the beautiful childhood memories – the naughty, tasty and sweet ones.

Food Planet serves candy floss the way it’s meant to be warm, fuzzy & in a hygienic way and hence, there exists no room for any unhygienic practices that might put our customer’s health in risk. Be tension free about your health with our highly safe, healthy and tasty CANDY FLOSS.

Candy floss is light and airy confection made out of spun sugar. One often finds it when the circus comes to your town or while visiting the local fair or carnival; and, hence one has to wait for the specific time of the year to indulge in this sweet confectionary. But, with the inception of Food Planet’s Warm N Fuzzy Candy Floss; there is absolutely no time-constrain to gorge on this delicacy.

Normally available at Children Park or at a local vendor Street food is always delicious but not healthy...Food Planet brings to you your favorite street food in healthy and delicious way.

So leave aside all your worries and take a mini break from your daily cuisine...Relieve your childhood days by consuming Warm and fuzzy Candy Floss and do accompany a kid along with you to relish the experience.